- Fuji Dream Airlines to Shinshu Matsumoto Airport has been operated.
- Bus runs regularly from the Shinshu Matsumoto airport to the JR Chuo-line “Matsumoto” station. Please see here for details.

The time required for traveling detailed above is only an indication, and it may take longer depending on the traffic situation, the time required for transfer and operational hours. Please visit the website of the transportation company you intend to use for your visit to get the latest information.


〈 Zenkouji 〉
Approximately 85 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. Itユs one of the largest Zenkoji temples in eastern Japan.
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〈 Ruins of the Ueda Castle 〉
Approximately 37 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. The Ueda Castle was built by Masayuki Sanada. The ruins include the moat and turret. There is the Sanada shrine nearby where the Senbonzakura festival is held in Spring when the cherry trees in the castle remains are in full bloom.
National treasure
〈 Matsumotojo Castle 〉
Approximately 30 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. The Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure, is a castle in contrasting colors of black and white. In spring, you can see the gorgeous cherry blossoms around the moat.
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〈 Shinano-kokubunji 〉
Approximately 35 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. There is a pond with lotus floating on its surface in the back of the main building where you can see beautiful lotus flowers every summer. Shinano-Kokubunji is also famous as the place where Masayuki Sanada met the Tokunaga army.
〈 Utsukushigahara Heights 〉
Approximately 60 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. Located at the height of 2000 meters above the sea level, the Utsukushigahara heights have various facilities, including a museum, farm and a trekking course. In addition to the gorgeous view from above, the scenery of the heights changes its color each season with alpine plants and flowers.
〈 Kurumayama Heights 〉
Approximately 50 minute drive from Bouzantei Kotobuki. Visitors can get the heights by taking the Shinshu Venus Line looking at the gorgeous scenery outside the window. The are the Rising to 1925m above the sea level, Kurumayama heights offers a great view of Mt. Fuji, . the Northern Alps, Central Alps and the Southern Alps.
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〈 Monjudo Shrine 〉
Monjudo Shrine is one of the three major Monju buildings in Japan and shows the style of Buddhist temple that defines the Monjudo Genroku era. It is one of the most historical buildings in Nagano prefecture and was designated as a prefecture treasure in 1988.
〈 Godai Bridge 〉
It is a bridge that goes over a mountain stream that flows between Monju no Yu, a common bath place and the Monjudo shrine. The scenery changes its color each season and looks particularly beautiful with wisteria flowers in June and with autumn leaves.
〈 Monju no Yu 〉
Approximately five minute walk from the hotel. It is on the right side before the Godai Bridge. You can see the remains of the original spring source of Kakeyu Onsen. How about bathing outdoor while enjoying a snow scene?
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